My finance course is now available on Skillshare

Finance for Founders, Creators and Freelancers

Finance is complicated and especially difficult to navigate for founders, creators, and freelancers who don't come from a formal business background. In this course, we will strip away all of the complex concepts that you don't need to know and just focus on what is really important. You will see step-by-step how to use finance to make better decisions in order to help your business or project succeed.


I write regularly on Medium mostly about startups, finance and business but sometimes I digress into other topics... Here are some of my greatest hits:

About me

I'm an ex-banker who quit a (mostly) promising career to build digital products and work with startups and solopreneurs to help them grow their businesses.

Some of my specialities are:

  • Prototype and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development
  • Shipping lightweight SaaS products
  • Content and copy writing
  • Online course production
  • Financial planning and modelling
  • Business and startup strategy

Get in touch

Currently I have enough projects on my plate and am not taking on new clients for now, but I'm always excited to hear about the next big thing.